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Coding is not about Code

Become a fullstack web developer in 3 months.
Partnering with Elewa Education for great good!

Full Stack Node.js

A Fluent Path to Mastery

Our curriculum consists out of three parts that each take you to the next step of being a web developer. Phase 1 dives into the foundations of problem solving, clean code web development. Phase 2 we tackle big and real-life problems, managing data flows throughout the application. Phase 3 gives the mic to you and focuses on building a final project and portfolio. These will be your key to the job market!

Next locations: Brussels starting April 2nd & August 6th!

The Curriculum

In Depth Description

Phase 1: Foundations and Solo Programming

This phase is all about learning the foundations of professional (web) development. Coding is the art of combining problem solving with automation. We learn the core skills and tools a web developer needs to code.

The Code

Problem solving using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Git. In this phase we focus on solving small standalone problems. We focus mainly on front end coding in this phase.

Problem Solving

We learn how to solve infinitely large problems by breaking them down into smaller and smaller solvable sub-problems.

The Tools

Master the tools of the trade. Get to know your development environment from the inside and out, and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

Phase 2: Software design and Collaborative Development

This phase is all about taking the skills we learned in phase 1 and applying them to realistic scenarios.

Scalable & Maintainable Architecture

Solving small problems is one thing, but how do we glue all of our small solutions together as our application grows bigger. Clean architectures allow us to keep code maintainable as applications scale.

Communication & Collaboration

Coding is communication. As a developer, you are the middleman between end users, business people, your fellow developers and computers.


In growing applications, introducing new code can break existing solutions. Modern web development requires vigorous testing to make sure everything remains stable.

The projects we will be working on in this phase are full web-apps built with Node.js/Express, giving you the chance to master a tech stack.

Employers are often more impressed by demonstrated mastery of a single stack, than experience with many.

Phase 3: Final Project

At this stage we hand over the program to you. This is your chance to define yourself in the market. Which technologies do you want to learn and master? What direction do you want to take?

We have experienced mentors in almost any field:

Final projects can be group or individual. They can be portfolio-stuffers with all the latest technologies, or an automated sales/marketing system and business plan for your own startup.

Your final project paves the path you want to go. It is your chance to profile yourself and to stand out in the competitive market.

After the Program

Preparing a smooth landing into the job market

During the final project, we start preparing you for the job market. Since every person has different ambitions, we mentor you while you venture into the the direction you desire.

We have a network of excellent people and organisations and help you find the support or partners to take you further.

Meet our network of the best Startup & Corporate Partners. There for your smooth exit to the job market!

Course Pricing

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