Student Benefits and Experiences

Your Path with Elium

Before you start

Get to know the community, get prepared with our pre-courses and support, and if you're an international student benefit from our documentation and housing support.

During your training

Throughout your tech journey with us, you will foster hard and soft skills to excell in the business world by joining a community, creating your own startup or finding your dream job in the tech industry.

After you graduate

Your personal and professional growth is our goal. We will therefore put you in touch with our network of startups and companies that can jumpstart your tech career.

Belgian Employees

Get Paid Education Leave

Paid Educational Leave (FR/NL) is the right for private sector employees to be absent from work on full pay to follow accredited training courses, like Elium Academy Bootcamps. Your time at an Elium program can be paid for by your employer, who can apply to have these costs reimbursed by Brussels or the Flemish Economy and Employment sector.


Keep your Jobseeker Benefits

As a jobseeker in Belgium it is possible for you to take our program and retain your temporary unemployment benefits. For more information about this, contact your payment institution or go to actiris.

Why Elium

Elium is more than just a place to learn about technology, it is a place to reinvent yourself, to discover a new world, to create a community of passionate people and to learn how to combine technical and soft skills to accomplish everything you need.

Work will be intense but you will have the flexibility to manage your time
Market oriented
Your curriculum has the purpose to prepare you for the needs of real tech companies
Project flow
Learn how to develop complex projects and efficiently manage the execution together with a team
Work and meet high potentials in the tech world, the people you work with can become the co-founder of your next company

Get a job you love

  • Salaries for bootcamp graduates increase on average by 64% or 26.000 EUR. What's more, our graduates build the soft and tech skills needed to make them more vocal, engaged and happier with their work.